Web Apps

We bring expert, creative, technical and strategic skills to every project we undertake.We are a strong and passionate team dedicated to offering the best possible service to our clients. We put all our effort into the design and development to create attractive experiences for our clients.

Web Apps

Proyecto Web has a team of developers able to plan and implement their project online or idea. Whether a stock-quotation, credit card receipts or a specific system developed to measure work with you so that together perform the planning, programming and implementation of the project. All our applications come with a user manual and training.


Inventories Online

If you or your company manage product inventory, what better way to reach potential customers who do online? With our inventory systems, you can publish your entire product catalog, descriptions, photographs and more. We have different configurations ...

Seekers / Spiders

If you or your staff spend time looking for or extract specific information from the Internet, we can develop a search engine or spider to extract this information for you. Price inquiries from single product specific sites sent to you daily by email ...+more

Electronic Commerce

Proyecto Web can advise and develop an e-commerce system that handles from its product inventory and quotation systems (shopping cart) to processing online credit card either in Mexican pesos or US dollars.+more

Real Estate

If you own a real estate agency or simply owns a set of properties, Proyecto Web can provide an online system for the promotion, sale and lease of the same . Our modules have been created in conjunction with experts in the means to consider all the variables ...+more


We create thematic portals depending on your needs. We integrate all the tools you require a web portal and program that you additionally required. Some of the tools that are included in the portals of our clients are: System Chat, Forums, News System, ...+more

User Registration

A user registration system allows access to certain features give your site to a select group of visitors who should carry a record. You choose what information you want to prompt the user during the registration process . Once registered , users will ...+more

Insurance Sites

A secure site allows visitors enter information in it travel safely and protected interventions especially in sites that require credit card information. We provide user security certificates and advice to turn your site into a place you sure.+more

Bookings Online

One of the greatest benefits that the Internet provides, are the online booking systems. Such systems can be applied to reservations air tickets, cinema tickets or theater or restaurants. Proyecto Web has extensive experience in reservation systems and ...+more

Paying Contributions Online

Do you want to show their price lists on the Internet and, above all, use these prices to offer a quote online? Our trading systems allow visitors to "arm" a quote based on the selection of their products. Supports different price lists whereas visitors ...+more


If you have a database of clients, or if your site already has a registered user base, our e- marketing tool will be very useful. Through our system, you can make your mass mailing lists shipments and also obtain relevant information on sending as many ...+more


Proyecto Web can make an Intranet system to suit your needs. If you have in mind an idea or project for your company intranet, we can carry it out. Intranet systems we have implemented to date, are a combination of several of the tools listed in this ...+more


Our job board sitemas suit any site and allow you to quickly incorporate a system of bag work for your company. Publication of offers, recruitment and publishing profiles are some of the features of our system.+more

Insurance Sales

Proyecto Web has worked on the creation of trading systems online insurance together with experts in the middle. If you are a business or independent insurance salesman, selling our insurance system will help attract new customers and automate many of ...+more

Online Survey

Want to add polls in place to capture information about a topic or question? Our advanced survey systems let you design a survey to measure, and then consult the statistical reports of the results in real time+more

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