Mobile Applications

Some of the applications we have concentrated in the following


Super Sub

Super Sub is an APP proposed for arranging and effectively conducting football matches and leagues. Super Sub allows to connect with other people in your current location who have the same desire as you; to enjoy a light recreational game of football, or to play in a highly competitive Champions League final style game at a local football centre, or even at a park/pitch that you know is available.


This is an income expenditure management APP. Asure keep APP for managing our monetary transactions and having a retrospective of money activities. Account wise management of monetary deeds. Category based segregation of income/expense to understand and assess in future reviews. Account wise transaction history for tracking day to day activities happened. Reminder option to set any event or thing that need to be reminder with help of full fledged alarm features.


APP proposed for medical awareness and informations. Users can discuss their health issues on a common platform where people having medical expertise will reply. Users can join the system without disclosing their identity.They can get advice for all issues that they are hesitant to tell anyone. Live chat option is available for users.


ReMinds is a reminder APP to remind users about taking their sheduled Pills. Users get reminder alerts for their scheduled pill on time on basis of its nature. Additional features like water reminder to remind drinking water at frequent intervals is available. Like wise appointments reminder for fixed appointments and night brushing reminder for night brushing are included in the APP. Some tips for healthy living is also includedin the APP.


This is an ecommerce APP for a large retailer of consumer goods in India. Listing and comparing of all types of consumer goods. Location wise listing of available items. Searching and sorting of products on basis of brand, price. Order placing and enquiry options for the products.

Mi diario

My BT journal challenges you to make small changes to your lifestyle quickly. Would you like to start a change in your diet, rest, orquit smoking? Just signup for the variety of wellness challenges offered by this application. The application consists of 30 challenges with an approximate duration of 7 days, so you can easily experience each one of them and adopt them as part of your lifestyle. Free Meat Day - Like dairy light - More colors in my diet - I go for my priorities and more.


GF Norte Investor Day 2014. Information about registration, the venue, the agenda, the speakers and more. At GFNorte Investor Day, Senior Management will discuss GFNorte's performance, strategy and guidance for 2015. Each year this will be updated during the event time. APP has display of images, playback of speech etc.

Festival internacional de la cultura maya

Is an event based APP which will be provided during each event season. Listeners will be provided with the APP and they can get the schedule and details on each days activities. Users have option for downloading any speech or cultural events later with the APP. APP is useful for each years program season.